Ten tips for ultimate retriever training- Tip #10


Today’s tip is:

Consistency and Communication.

We are finally at the last of my ten tips for ultimate retriever training. If you missed one of the previous tips or would like to review, you can find them all here.


Consistency in communication is the most abused tip that I see when someone brings me a retriever to train. Consistency can be difficult, especially if there are several people in your household.

To battle this issue, everyone in the household needs to have the same level of expectations and the same verbiage for your retriever.


You and your family need to agree on expectations for your furry friend. When you say SIT, are you expecting and demanding your dog to sit right away? Or, do you allow the dog one freebie before you make them SIT?

I prefer, as the dog learns and understands a command, they respond the first time. Whatever your expectations are, do not get into a begging situation where you are asking your dog to perform the task.


Everyone needs to agree on the what commands you are going to use for your dog. Some examples are:

  • here or come

  • give or leave

  • kennel or place.

It really doesn’t matter to your dog, but training can be very difficult if everyone is using different words.

Dogs thrive on consistency and consistency starts with communication. If you can communicate with the fewest words, use body language, and be consistent no matter what the circumstances, you will be on the right path for an ultimate retriever.

Until next time happy retrieving.

Steve Smith