Hunt Test Programs

Want to compete? We can help you in all of your Hunt Test goals.


Early Start

Pups as young as seven weeks learn early socialization to all elements necessary to prepare them for their competition career.

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At the completion of the Basic program your retriever partner will be obedient, steady to shot, and force fetched as well as comfortable around decoys, boats, and duck calls. Dogs completing this course are capable of competing at the AKC Junior Hunt Test level. This course builds a solid foundation on which to build advanced concepts as well as progress on to the Senior Hunt Test level, if the owner desires.



Transition phase is teaching your retriever specific drills such as force to pile, double T, swim by, 6 hand casting, lining drills, pattern blinds on land and water as well as multiple marking scenarios, doubles and triples, and honoring. Following this program your retriever can run blind retrieves by taking hand and whistle signals to retrieve birds they did not see fall. This is a tremendous advantage for hunting and in competition. Your retriever is now performing at a Senior Hunter level.



This program fine tunes the advanced retriever to complete complicated triple marks, blinds with hazards and poison birds, honoring, and advanced water concepts, with an emphasis on steadiness and consistency. Once completed your retriever will be ready for the Master level Hunt Tests.