Trained dogs for sale



We currently have sold out of trained dogs for 2019. Now taking orders for started dogs ready in 2020. Give us a call to discuss your wants and needs! We can provide weekly updates and videos on the dog’s progress.

Each year we purchase a few puppies that we train and offer for sale. We do extensive research before we buy the pups. We only work with reputable breeders who breed from proven dogs (competition and/or hunting). We also look for breeders that do an excellent job of socializing the puppies. After we bring the puppies home we continue socializing, start housebreaking, work on obedience, introductions and training.


We offer trained dogs at the following ages:

4 Months

Meet Tigger.

Our four-month old trained dogs are perfect for the person who has the desire, time and ability to further train their dog but doesn’t want to deal with the puppy stage. Also, you have a better idea how big your dog will be, its personality, as well as the health of your dog. These dogs have started on their manners and are enthusiastic retrievers.

You can expect your four-month old retriever to do the following:

Meet Rue.  SOLD

  • Crate trained

  • Been in the house with other dogs and children

  • Kennel exposure

  • Sitting prior to eating

  • Retrieving on land out to 40 yards

  • Retrieving on water out to 20 yards

  • Introduced to decoys, gun fire, birds, boats, and heavy brush

  • Delivery to hand or very close

  • Started on basic age-appropriate obedience on the following commands: sit, here, kennel, and walking on leash

  • Started on collar conditioning

  • Taught not to bite, jump, and to be quiet (no excessive barking).

 The cost is $2,500.00 



6 Months

Six-month old trained dogs have more training, but are not fully finished or 100% consistent without additional training. This age dog is perfect for the person who doesn’t want to or prefers not to take on the task of force fetching their dog. It is also a good fit for someone who wants their dog introduced and responding to the electronic collar correctly.

Our six-month old started dog have everything the four-month old trained dog has, as well as the following:

  • Collar conditioned

  • Force fetch

  • Walking fetch

  • Retrieving off of a winger

  • Started learning marking concepts

  • Retrieving on land out to 80 yards

  • Retrieving on water out to 50 yards

  • Retrieving with enthusiasm both directions

  • Delivering to hand

  • Delivering to a sitting position and holding the bumper/bird properly

  •  More consistent obedience(same commands as four month)

 The cost is $3,500.00

10 Months

Our ten-month old trained dog is ready to take waterfowl or upland hunting. This is the level most clients prefer their retriever to be at. These are well mannered dogs and are pleasant to be around.

These dogs have all the training the four and six month dogs do, with the addition of the following:

  • Walk on and off leash

  • Completely electronic collar trained

  • Jump in and out of a pickup

  • Steady

  • Ducks and pheasants shot over him/her

  • Exposure to duck boat and duck calls

  • Has had flyaway training

  • Intro to doubles

  • Land marks past 150 yards

  • Water marks past 70 yards

  • Solid understanding of marking concepts

In summary, everything that is included in our Basic Waterfowl and Upland programs.  

The cost is $4,500.00.

For dogs 12-month or older with more advanced training, contact us for availability and more information.