Video and Phone Coaching


I’m interested in training but…

Otter Tail Kennels is now offering video and phone coaching. This is dedicated training designed specifically for you and your retriever.

While this type of training is not the best option for many, it may be a good option if:

  • You want to train your retriever yourself but you live too far from Otter Tail Kennels to come to our kennel for one-on-one training.

  • You have all the resources (equipment and property) to train your retriever but just need a mentor to help you along.

  • Need help troubleshooting some training problems you are having.

How does it work

  • You start with free initial phone consultation with Steve (max 45 minutes). During this consultation, you will help Steve understand what you have been working on and any problems or issues you are having during training your retriever.

  • During this initial consultation, Steve will give you some homework to work on and a video due date.

  • As you work on the homework, video the work you do with your dog (60 minutes max) and send the video to Steve by the due date. A Dropbox link will be provided.

  • Steve will review the video. Please allow 3-4 days of video review time.

  • Steve will call you each week after he has reviewed the video to discuss your progress and give you new homework.

What you need

You must provide:

  • Your own training equipment. Basic training equipment needed includes collar, lead, electronic collar, land and water to train on, dummies, other training equipment that may be necessary to tackle and problems you are having. Steve will provide guidance in this area.

  • Birds (pheasants, ducks and/or pigeons)

  • Video recording device.

  • You must have a means to download your video to our Dropbox link.


Contracts are available for the following:

Four sessions - $100/session

Eight sessions - $90/session

Twelve sessions - $80/session

All sessions include review of up to 60 minutes of video and a 45 minute consultation.